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VIVID GEOSPATIAL SERVICES (VGS) Is the leading comprehensive Photogrammetry and LiDAR mapping services provider based out of Hyderabad, India and performing its operations aggressively in different geographic regions across the Globe. (US, Europe, Middle East and Australia). VGS is the Reliable, Economical and Effective service provider for Photogrammetry and LiDAR mapping Industry. VGS has been continuously mentor and mentor by highly qualified and most experienced directors who have been serving the geospatial Industry since more than two decades.


Domain Business and Expertise


VGS have been executing various large and medium scale projects related to AT, Cartography, Ortho, DTM, LiDAR data classification and Topographic mapping for our Potential clients across the globe.


VGS is the perfect combination of highly experienced engineers & most dedicated management team so we are always in the first priority for Triangulation, 3D/2D Cartography, DTM, Orthophoto, LiDAR and GIS projects because we strictly follow and adhere to international Mapping standards.

Strengths & Values

We have vast experience in execution of projects for Aerial Triangulation, Cartography, LiDAR and Orthophoto generation with the scale varies from 1:500 to 1:10000. AT VGS, we work hard to earn the confidence of our customers in Photogrammetry/ LiDAR/GIS and remotesensing activities. Our Engineers are highly experienced, certified, and well trained for working with Latest technology. VGS management’s proactive approach methods in production save time and deliver the best quality data on time. Our high standard of customer service will save your time and money. We have provided Photogrammetry and LiDAR Mapping services to the Major companies and we can take up the work to any volume.



  • Regular Customer Interaction
  • Trust on relations
  • Quality delivery on time
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quick Response
  • Team work
  • Latest technology


Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision

“Our mission is to provide the High Quality Photogrammetry and LiDAR services to Geospatial Industry, for their members and clients worldwide”

Quality Control & Project Progress Monitoring

  • At every stage of a project VGS ensures to run project specific software tools to find out errors and intimate the generated errors in a defined format to the project team for necessary corrections in due time.
  • VGS ensures to give instant feedback to the concerned project team based on the nature of the process and the errors being generated.
  • VGS has a project monitoring mechanism in place for each project and each team is well acquainted with the software tools and processes to be followed in a project for monitoring the progress.
  • At any time of the execution a project manager can take necessary actions to ensure smooth running of the project based on the project status being shown by the monitoring tools. Our project execution strategy enhances the quality of the output.

Software Expertise

VGS has expertise in following software tools to execute projects related to Photogrammetry (aerial and Satellite), LiDAR, Image Processing and GIS analysis.

  • Leica Photogrammetry Suit (LPS),
  • Inpho (Match‐AT, OrthoMaster, OrthoVista)
  • SOCET‐SET, DAT/EM, Intergraph SSK, ISAT
  • Adobe Photoshop, ARCGIS,ERDAS Imagine, Intergraph Image Processing and Raster Utilities, Terrasolid, AutoCAD Map, MicroStation, PRO600 and Global Mapper.

VGS has state‐of‐the‐art infrastructure and well trained human resources for executing any type of project and specific trainings for projects like AT, Restitution and Orthophoto production.



VGS has equipped with High end 3D workstations for production, modern hardware devices and software tools are used to store and secure the data during project execution, and post project submission to the client as per the project requirement. 10 Gbps Local Area Network and two advanced Storage Servers with 50 Tb data storage capacity each for in‐house data processing and centralized access for running projects. It has over 25 advanced workstations with high end configuration (Dual LED Monitors, advanced Intel Xeon dual processors, 8GB RAM) for lightning processing speed.

Why Vivid Geospatial Services

Quality Check methodologies have been incorporated throughout all stages of production to produce error free data for each and every project and every member of a project team is well acquainted with all relevant processes to be carried out and becomes habituated to make the project successful. We use In-house developed automatic Quality check tools to meet or exceed the quality required.